Pack Food the Right Way

When you are traveling to visit friends and family this holiday season, chances are that you will be traveling with food. Make sure that you avoid spills and stress this holiday season and pack your food items smartly. We want to wish you a happy holiday season from all of us here at John Hine Mazda, and that starts with planned food transport.

We also want to remind you to leave plenty of time to get to your destination safely. Pack your food in containers with tight-fitting lids that won't easily come off. You should also pack hot food items in insulated boxes or containers and secure your food items with a seatbelt. You can also have a passenger hold onto things if the trip is not too far. You should also take corners carefully so that you minimize the chance of items toppling over and spilling.

Pack the right way and your trip with food will go smoothly. Merry and bright wishes for the upcoming holiday season!

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