Belts and Hoses Can Cause Squeaks and Squeals

We have all had the unsettling experience of starting a car and being greeted with a loud squeal under the hood. In all likelihood, that means you have a belt or hose that is starting to go, and if it isn't repaired, a minor problem can turn into a big one quick. Our excellent service department at John Hine Mazda can help diagnose and fix that awful noise.

Parts like timing belts and coolant hoses are vital to the proper operation of your vehicle. They are generally inexpensive parts that are designed to be replaced on a regular maintenance cycle. Failure to make these simple repairs however can result in massive engine damage that will be very costly to fix. So the next time you are greeted with what sounds like a small rodent stuck in the engine, drive on down to our auto repair shop in San Diego, CA and we will help bring you peace and peace of mind.

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