Leaking Exhaust: What to Look For

Your car’s exhaust system does more than just make your vehicle runs quietly. It also makes sure harmful gases travel away from the engine and into the outdoors. The exhaust consists of many parts all of which must work properly. At John Hine Mazda San Diego, we can inspect your exhaust system and do any repairs or replacements you might need.

The exhaust system often starts to fail without us even knowing it. Knowing these warning signs can help prevent harmful gases from getting inside your car and can also prevent more costly repairs.

1. Popping or hissing noises – listen to your vehicle
2. Small leaks – Inspect exhaust periodically
3. Vibration on the steering wheel, seat or gas/brake pedals
4. Decreased gas mileage – monitor your fuel economy

If you have concerns about your exhaust or need any other automotive services, call us or stop in John Hine Mazda San Diego today. We offer a full line of automotive services.

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