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"Yelp Review"

Talk to Peter Rost. He is your guy. Great place to buy...no pushiness, fast approval, and awesome staff.
Sandy C.

"Yelp Review"


When you hear the advert "I got mine at Hine" it is so true, I am proud to have done business with John Hine Mazda, I can truly say I had an amazing experience, I have to say firstly thank you to Jerry Antoine the Service Director you are truly amazing and thank you so much for introducing me to Steven Camacho, you were amazing, I absolutely love my new Mazda 3 it drives amazing and I would highly recommend John Hine Mazda.
The process was painless and simple.





I am so thrilled.  Yesterday I did not recognize my car as I walked up to it in a parking lot.  Not only is it shiny clean but the new side bumpers are absolutely perfect and I love the new license plate holders!!  It is like a new car.


I drive about seven thousand miles a year.  The car has 38000 miles on it.  I am 71 years old.  Will this beautiful car last my lifetime?  That is my hope.


I appreciate so much that you were able to make this happen so easily and at such a reasonable price.  I have always been pleased with the service I have received at John Hine from the day I bought this vehicle (my daughter-in-law also has a Mazda purchased at John Hine).  You did a really super job making this happen and my appreciation is boundless. 


Barbara S

Happy Customer!

Barbara S

"Yelp Review"


This place is great! I've been coming to their service dept for regular maintenance since buying here in 2004. This morning I got there for my 7am oil change appt, and was out before 8am, thanks to Nicole Brand, aka Best Service Provider EVER! It made my weekend. Thanks Nicole!
Tracy A.

Collision Repair Review

Some knucklehead backed into my brand new GMC, but at least his insurance had the good sense to recommend this place for the repairs.

I was impressed with this place! They really did make my car look like the accident never happened. Just as importantly, they were so respectful of my time and got me in and out the door quickly with minimal hassle. I had the good fortune of working with Dennis and Lukas, both of whom are very professional. This shop worked seamlessly with the other driver's insurance company so I never had to lift a finger.

The only reason I can't give them that coveted fifth star is admittedly minor. My car took four days to repair when their initial estimate told me 2-3. And that was only because there was minor damage below the surface (not visible during the appraisal) that required a special part to be ordered.

All in all, I highly recommend.

Internet Review


I just leased a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring from John Hine Mazda. I loved the car during the test drive, but I really wanted it in Soul Red. The salesperson, Arien, and the manager, Brent, spent an hour calling around trying to find my dream car and then Arien drove to Irvine to pick it up for me. I am OBSESSED with this car! I live 10 minutes from the dealership, but after I picked up the car, I drove all the way to El Cajon and back just to drive it, and then I took a scenic drive down the Silver Strand. The car has amazing power for a 4 cylinder, and gets great gas mileage with the SkyActive engine. It has a touchscreen on the console and it plays my Pandora stations through the Bluetooth system. Arien knew so much about the car and showed me every awesome thing it does before I drove it off the lot.

This is my first brand-new car, and I love it! My only other dealership buying experience was in 2005 when I purchased a used car from Wescott Mazda on the Mile of Cars and it was a horrendous experience, but I really needed the car at the time. Thanks to Arien and Brent, I couldn't have asked for an easier, friendlier, smoother buying experience.The finance manager, Genevieve, was awesome too. She made the paperwork easy to understand and had it all waiting for me to sign. I am proud to say, I got mine at Hine! You should too!

Adrienne C.


We would like to thank Mr. Jerry Antoine for going above and beyond in service to our daughter. She is a student at UCSD and encountered car trouble for her first time. She was towed in to the dealership and right away taken care of by Mr. Antoine. Her car was fixed in one day and she was on the road again that evening. I can't thank you enough for taking care of our daughter like she was your own in this stressful time. I highly recommend John Hine Mazda in San Diego at 1545 Camino Del Rio S.
C. P.


I just wanted to compliment your customer service girl Nicole Brand. I came in at 11 to get some much needed repairs but I also had work at 3 so I was sort of nervous about timing. I'm pretty sure she was the only one there checking people in, I only saw her running around EVERYWHERE, but she checked in with every customer often and was super adamant about getting me out of there fast. I ended being out an hour earlier than her first estimate, despite it being lunch time AND I needed more work than I thought. She was informative, positive and quick. Probably the best interaction I've EVER had at a mechanic. I really felt well taken care of. THANKS SO MUCH NICOLE!!

Jessica B.


I hate buying cars, like most people. Last month I was looking at new cars as my current lease was coming to a close. I'd seen a Mazda at the auto show that I really liked and wanted to go test drive it.

I went to the dealership expecting high pressure and lies. But everything went smoothly and was relatively pleasant. The test drive went well and I realized I wanted the car. I was able to work out a reasonable price with the salesman and ended up getting my lease.

The salesman was knowledgeable and friendly, no high pressure, no lies. I got through the financing process quickly, much faster than I have in times past. The salesman then spent 30 minutes with me going over all the electronics in the car. I drove off with a car that I loved, freshly cleaned and with a full tank of gas.

The service department contacted me soon after and had already made my first service appointment, which I really appreciate.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the car and with my surprisingly pleasant experience at this dealership. I would definitely recommend them.

Jim H.


I love this place! This is my first Mazda and I love it! The car is great but the service is outstanding! I just give them 5 stars because 10 stars is not an option. :)
Mary L.

Stephanie Ruiz
reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent
I just purchased a 2013 Mazda3 grand touring with Tyler on monday and I love it!!! Its a great little sedan thats big with saving gas! But the highlight definitely was Tyler, there is a reason he's the top salesman two months in a row. He was very respectful and waited for me when he was already off the clock! Didn't pressure me into the car, showed me all the details and how to work everything, numbers, and got me a loan with mazda for an insanely low rate (1.9%)! He has a great personality and will try and help you get into the car of your dreams if you want it. He even drives a mazda so he's not going to hide or lie about what car you're getting! I highly recomend him and that says a lot when anyone recommends a salesman... I went from a 2010 to a 2013 and I stayed with them because I know how great the car is from experience. I also got low jack, a car alarm and an extended warranty for only $60 more a month!!! So dont be affraid to help yourself to these goodies, I plan to keep my car and the investment is worth it. So if you have questions about mazdas, don't be afraid to walk up and ask them! Thanks a bunch Tyler! !! I love my Mazda! I'm proud to say "I got mine at Hine!"
Stephanie R

Matt D
reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent
As this was my first car buying experience, I did a lot of research beforehand and went in with the mentality of going into battle, expecting all of the sleazy cars salesman tricks I had read about. My experience at John Hine Mazda was nothing like what I expected. My experience began when I got an online quote for the car I wanted, and I was contacted promptly by Michael Watkins from their sales team. Let me just say that if you are looking for a car, make sure you talk to Michael I highly recommend him. He gave me a great, competitive quote and answered all of my questions quickly, both via phone and email, and made sure I got all of the information I wanted. I scheduled a day to test drive and see the vehicle I wanted with him about a week later. In person he was just as friendly and personal and had the car ready and all of the information sorted out by the time I arrived. I was pretty sure I knew which car I wanted but I asked about a couple others and Michael was more than willing to take the time to draw up the information for all of them, as he said he wanted to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Michael really made me feel like he was on my side, making sure I got exactly what I wanted at a good price. I was never pressured into a higher priced vehicle or anything that I didn't want. My experience with the finance officer was also a good one. I felt that she did a good job of presenting and explaining all options to me without pressuring me into anything. she was very friendly and made the process very quick and not stressful. I really enjoyed my experience with John Hine Mazda. I am more than happy with my vehicle purchase and feel that everyone at Hine works hard to give you a great deal and insure complete satisfaction with your car buying experience. I am happy to say "I got mine at Hine".
Matt D.

I have been a customer of the John Hine dealership since arriving in San Diego in 1982. The service I have received has been exemplary. Service personnel are extremely courteous, easily accessible, and very generous with their time. They are highly trained and take great pride in their work. I would like to thank service advisor Michael Hill who has been my go-to guy for the last several years and Manny Reyes who has maintained both the exterior and interior appearance of my 1988 Firebird. Their expertise and professionalism are very much appreciated.
- Tom H.


Everything was excellent.....that is why I do business at JOHN HINE....... everyone knows their job and takes care of the customer....it is why I have purchased 5 cars there.

- Curt P.

After living car-free in the Bay Area for three years, my move to San Diego was not going to be complete until I; unfortunately, purchased some wheels. I really did NOT want to buy a car and dreaded the whole process. Starting my purchase process was easy because i knew that i wanted a Mazda. I had owned a Mazda Protege5 a while back and had a lot of fun with that car! My requirements for a new car were 1-great on gas mileage 2- fun to drive 3-good looking ride 4-within my low budget. Michael, the Internet sales manager nailed all of those requirements. And, any anxiety I had about the car buying process was squashed. Michael was calm, professional and understanding. And, For me, a professional salesperson, I hate salespeople who bring me through a process. Michael is not your average sales guy. He was awesome- genevive was awesome. Hine Mazda exceeded all of my expectations!!!!!

Erin V.


Dear Mr. Morris,

            I want to let you know how helpful and pleasing it was to deal with Michael Watkins in purchasing our new 2012 Mazda. This car replaced my wife's old car which she had crashed last week.  No one was hurt, but because her car was 13 years old it was not economically worth it to repair.  I was dreading the process of purchasing a new vehicle.  I decided to try the internet.  Michael responded quickly and in detail with offers on several models we were interested in.  His offers were significantly less than your competitors.  I agreed to the purchase review quote over the internet and called to make an appointment for the same day.


            When I showed up, Michael was a careful listener and expedited the process.  He arranged financing at extremely competitive rates which was totally unexpected as our negotiations were on a cash basis.  I was at your dealership less than an hour from start to finish.  I had planned to pick up the auto the next day since I was alone.  Genevieve suggested that perhaps Michael could drive the auto back to my home.  He was more than willing to do this and we had a chance to get to know each other better on the drive back to the dealership.  My wife was totally surprised to see a new care in the driveway.


            You are fortunate to have Michael on your staff.  I will recommend him to friends and family for any future car purchases



Kent H.

I've been meaning to write a letter to Management giving my feedback for a recent service.  Since the recent hurricane news, this seems like the best time.

Last year, I had my car parked in a spot adjacent to a fire hydrant.  Someone backed into the hydrant, and my car was hit with both water and pebbles.   I took it to one of my favorite mechanics, and he quickly recommended that I go to the Dealer.  So, I took my 2007 Mazdaspeed3 to your Body Shop for some work.

My car was in the shop for 43 days initially, and I had a few follow up visits beyond that.  Given that this was a claim against a third party, I was dreading the battles that I would have to go through.  I had to mentally prepare myself to fight to just get my car back to the state it was in before the incident.  Needless to say, an insurance claim like this has the potential to be both inconvenient and frustrating.

When my mechanic recommended the Dealer, I was prepared for mediocrity.  I was sure that I'd get the guy at the Dealer that would fix things to meet minimum levels, and just blame the insurance company for not wanting to pay for it. 

Instead, I got Lucas Aufort.  Based on my experience dealing with various service industries, he was an exception.  He was responsive, knowledgeable, and he seemed to care.  It's rare to see someone with little vested interest care about your car as much as you do.  To me, this is important with a specialty car like the Mazdaspeed3. 

He was beyond thorough, getting approval to paint the entire car, instead of trying to blend in patches.  Some things weren't right, and he pointed them out.  Even with the inconvenience of having to return and re-fix, that was the right way to do it.  His thoroughness prevented the unsatisfying resentment of just having to live with it.

So, thanks to Lucas.  And thanks to Hine for having such a quality organization.

Fredie M.

We became a Mazda family back in 2008 thanks to Michael Watkins, Internet Sales Manager. We have received great service since. We hope this relationship will continue to be what it has been and the key players (Crystal, Eladio and Michael W.) stay in place in order to facilitate the buying process for us as usual.

We dont mind driving from Temecula to get an award winning experience always.

Thanks for an easy transaction this past weekend!!
Yasser A.


The "no stress express"! No haggling, no pressure, straight forward. A pleasure to do business with! The entire staff very pleasurable; I do need to make a "shout-out" to Mike Watkins the Internet Sales Manager, thank you for making my car purchase so enjoyable.



The myth re "Car Salesmen" was exploded!! I took possession of my first Mazda car two days ago and am still wondering how the combination of excellent, knowledgeable, helpful salesperson (in my case, Brett Dooley), finance rep, explanatory presentation and car itself has not made Mazda the best selling car in the world. Thank you, John Hine and Company.

Ralph B.

Dad just took delivery of his new Mazda3i GT at Hine. Great experience, everyone was fantastic, salesman who did the walkaround was great, they used the iPad app to kill time while the paperwork was being printed in F&I,  salesman even connected my dad's phone to Bluetooth. Just under 2 hours from walking in the door to driving out.

Jeromy B.


We drove home from John Hine this evening with our new Mazda5. Brent & Michael made the car buying process easy & pleasant, and we were very satisfied with our experience there.  I thank you for referring us to John Hine and I would encourage Costco to direct other buyers to this dealership rather than (the other dealer).  If we had been sent there initially it would have saved us time and a great deal of frustration.  In my opinion, (the other dealer) is not up to your standards.


Thanks for your help,

Karen S.


We spoke a few weeks ago about my family's terrible experience at (another dealer) & you referred us to John Hine Mazda because I said we wouldn't go back to (that other dealer).  After recovering from our first experience, we finally approached John Hine this past weekend.  So far our experience has been a night & day difference and we're very satisfied with Brent at John Hine.  It's quite likely that we'll be purchasing within the next week or so, so I'm cautiously optimistic that all will continue to go well.


When we spoke I told you that our experience with (the other dealer) was not what I would consider a "Costco quality" experience.  I just wanted you to know that so far our experience with John Hine has been much more what we had hoped for.

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