Our History

The history of John Hine Mazda is a long and distinguished one. In 1942, John Hine, Sr. opened the first John Hine Pontiac in Alton, Illinois. The Dealership was moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1950 where it remained until it was closed in 1969. A second John Hine Pontiac opened on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego in 1957. The Dealership moved to its current location in Mission Valley in 1965 and continued to sell Pontiacs until this storied line was discontinued by General Motors in 2010.

John Hine Mazda opened in 1970 and is one of Mazda’s inaugural Elite Dealerships. The Dealership’s buildings were completely remodeled in 1993 to create an environment that serves the needs of our contemporary customers.

In 1984 John Hine, Sr. was selected as a Time Quality Dealer Nominee and his son, John Hine, Jr. was nominated for the same award in 1991.

John Hine, Sr. passed away in 1996 at ninety-one years of age. He believed in hard work, equality and fair treatment of both customers and employees. His legacy is our Dealership’s dedication to delivering complete customer satisfaction and employee goodwill. The continued success of our Dealership lies within every employee’s ability to deliver his/her personal best.